Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's all in my head...

So I am not sure how often I will blog, but I imagine that it will probably be very often for a while and than not so often after a while...

Anyhow, I have all of these thoughts in my head, and I am excited to have a place to spit them out. Maybe it will free up some needed space. Here are three thoughts (not really my own) that have been weighing heavy on my heart...

1. Worrying teaches our children that God is not sufficient. For those of you who know me well, you have heard me talk about this one quite a bit over the last few weeks. Perhaps that's because it's probably my weakest point. I will find the most ridiculous things to worry about. Example you ask??? Well I think that Averie has been to the doctor no less than 40 times in her first year of life. I will find something to obsess over and let it control my thoughts and actions relentlessly! While I'll say it with my mouth, I am just now learning to trust in my heart that God is in control of this thing called life. I have to let HIM be!!!

2. Actions are caught not taught. So basically as it stands, I am in serious trouble! This thought centers on the fact that I can tell Averie what is right and what is wrong, but if I am not living and acting by those standards...well you see where I am going with this. About a week ago, I was cooking dinner, Averie was destroying the inkling of organization that existed in the pots and pans cabinet, and Bailey was shadowing my every move. I could feel my blood pressure rising, and when I could take the ciaos no more, I hollered at the dog, "Bailey...GO!!!" Averie stood-up behind me and yelled, "GO!". Cute! However, this just reminded me that I have a little Laci running around the house, and she is learning from my actions.

3. God loves my husband and child more than I do. Just think about this one....try to wrap your mind around it. I am struggling to understand the weight of this realization. There is nothing that I can really say about it. I am finding so much comfort this!

That's all for now. My head feels much better. Now off to work!


  1. Ah, #3! Sounds familiar :) Glad to know that you are embracing this truth!!! AVERIE will be blessed by it :) God is such a better parent that we'll ever be :).

  2. HI Laci! I finally remembered to add your blog to my Google reader list! I look forward to following you! I have loved having a place to spill my guts, and it helps keep me accountable to what I say.

    I found Calm My Anxious Heart to be very helpful. It taught me to pray each time I start to feel anxious about something. I talk with God and he reassures me that He will give me the tools to get through whatever situation I am worried about. And when I let that anxious thought back in my head five minutes later, I pray the same prayer again. It's done wonders for me. I was Queen of the worries! Not so much anymore.